Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy MLK Day

This Saturday Night I was unfortunately confronted by a Hateful shrew.  

At close of business this hate-filled woman came out of the door and right at me telling me I should vote for Trump because she “fucking loved him.” She continued by saying that she used to be a democrat and voted for trump.  I then asked her what exactly what was it that he said that made you change parties.  She couldn’t answer.  She said he came down that escalator and I just fucking love him.  I said okay but what did he say?

Just then I noticed her friend motioning that she was drunk.  This being obvious I chose not to react.  Shrew then said he said “America First, so you can take your black ass back to Africa.”  I then replied, “whoa baby, I am mostly Native American so you can take your ass back to wherever the fuck it is you came from.  My ancestors were here first.”

Just then a patron and friend came out with family and friends and heard the tail end of the exchange. They proceeded to snatch me away, hug me, and refused to let me turn back around.  Instead her husband and visiting friends from Detroit went in on her.

So few things:
1.  Pam Karavite - To you, your Mom Deanna, your husband and friends.  I am sorry that your visiting friends from Detroit had to witness such hate on Their visit.  However thank you going in on her and keeping me from catching a case.  I love you guys to the moon and back.

2.  I typically don’t discuss politics or my ethnic background.  It’s truly no ones business but my own and my family.  I am all about music and my shoes.  I believe that I have been blessed with a tremendous gift that transcends race, language, political beliefs etc.  and other than math, music is the only thing that can do that.

3. Alcohol doesn’t turn you into a hateful shrew, it brings out the hateful shrew that has been there the whole time.  To the Shrew, seek help and find God.  When you find him, Thank him that you were able to walk away and sleep it off without that punch to the throat.

4. I am very proud of myself for not letting that Red Blooded Chicago south-side girl come to the surface.  I must be growing up.  This could have been very, Very Bad. 

Today we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.  In the words of Dr. King;
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  Again, thank you Pam and co.  For driving out the darkness and showing Pure Love.  It’s all about Love. 

Happy MLK Day