Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Whitney Tribute / Aretha Tribute - The Connection

Hey Barbies,

This past week we paid homage to our Neighbor that just happened to be the Legend known as Whitney Houston.  After months of dealing with an insurmountable amount of issues, sleepless nights, and a sound man which was clearly overpriced and wasn't prepared... when it was time to hit, we laid back on our talents and did what we all do.

I would like to thank all in attendance.  You made it easy for us to entertain you while cleansing our souls.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  
During the show as a part of the Whitney Songlist there was a tribute to Aretha Franklin.  I was asked several times as to why I would leave that part in the show.  I simply replied that it had to stay in.  And I'm glad I did. The Aretha portion was my connection to Whitney.  In fact that connection began before either of us were born.

As explained in the show, Whitney and I had a few things in common the main one was that we were both CDK's.  That being an acronym that I created meaning, we were both Choir Directors Kids.  Our lives, or our Mother's lives, were pretty much paralleled as displayed in the below pictorial.
Aretha Franklin traveled with Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers during her early gospel career, before Sam Cooke started his secular career and his label, SAR records.

It is well known by now that Whitney's mom sang background for Aretha.  It is not as well known that Sam Cooke had a record label or that my mom's song was one of the first songs produced on his label.

Aretha Franklin has been a part of my musical journey before I ever knew.  It was only right to pay tribute to her as well. As she is currently in declining health, I think of her and pray for her everyday.  It has been my dream for a long time to meet her and see if she remembered my mom and aunts singing back in the day.  It doesn't look as if that will happen, however, should she read this I want her to know that I Love her and I Thank her.  Her soulful sound and ability to pour her heart into every song she sang has influenced me.  I pray that God keeps her in his care and I Thank her for sharing her Gift and her Heart.  God Bless you, Thank you and All Hail The Queen of Soul. 

In Addendum 

Obviously I wrote this prior to getting the news of Aretha Franklin passing today.  However, everything still stands with the exception that I have to say Rest In Peace to a dear lady that has leaped into my soul and will never let go.  Gone but Never ever forgotten.  Again, God Bless You, Thank you and All Hail The Queen of Soul. 

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