Saturday, June 23, 2018

I Am Legacy...

I typically don't brag on my Mom.  Okay, I do, an awful lot.  She was beautiful, smart, talented and caring.  On the flip side she was also very Classy and Sassy and could shoot better than Annie Oakley.   I think of her and miss her every single day.

My friend shared this video and I had to do an unscheduled post.   This documentary on Sam Cooke was very informative and mentioned that he started his own label and publishing & management company.  It didn't go too far into depth because it's only a few minutes long.  However, my Mother's record was released on Sam Cooke's label SAR records.

Many people didn't know that Sam Cooke had a label.  However, my Mother was the first woman of color released on SAR Records.  The Song, He Cares, was originally written as a dedication to My Grandmother and has lead vocals  by JOHNNY TAYLOR before his legendary solo blues career.   It is also the only Gospel recording to prove he sang traditional Gospel at all.

One day I just happened to find a copy of the original release of my Mother's song on Ebay and purchased it right away.

Admittedly it was kind of weird asking my Mom for her autograph, however, she got a huge kick out of it. 

I recently found a video with my Mother's song.  I hope you enjoy such a legendary piece of my musical history. 

I am Legacy...  And I couldn't be more Proud.

My Aunt Annie & My Mother


Don't forget to get your tickets for A Birthday Tribute Honoring Whitney,  I promise to bring the connection home.